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WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress SEO Tips, Let’s check about how to optimize your wordpress based website and what things we should look into while SEO optimization for such sites. But before WordPress SEO Optimization, let’s know about:

What is WordPress? Basically, it’s easiest and most powerful CMS(Content Management System) or website creating tool used to create web2.0 sites or blogs. It’s also an open-source website creation tool written in PHP. In wordpress there are lots of per-designed temples & layouts avail that you can use at the time of web designing.

it has lots of options to create attractive looks and add different-2 features in your website/blogs as per your needs.

They’re as following:

  • Dashboard: default page with dashboard widgets.

  • Contains sub-menus:

– Home – To see homepage

– Updates – for updating WordPress core and its content, themes and its plugins

– Akismet stats: default WordPress plugin

  • Posts: used for posts management, adding, deleting, editing, and post category management

  • Comments: used for comments management

  • Appearance: used for themes management

  • Plugins: here you can add, activate, delete and change settings of WordPress plugins. Each plugin contains some other useful information, like plugin authors, version etc.

  • Users: one place to manage all users in your WordPress site. Add, delete, edit users, change their personal information and permission levels or roles.

  • Tools: this is the place used for storing additional tools used by WordPress. Some plugins or themes can add their tools here.

  • Settings: all settings are here, in one place. Here you could find also settings of installed plugins too.

  • Collapse menu: choose this option to collapse admin menu. When it’s collapsed only admin menu icons are visible. This is useful when admin panel is used on devices with smaller screens: mobile phones or tablets.

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