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Onn Wireless Mouse – What to do when your Wireless Mouse Freezes

It’s really good to see you on our website. As you are our genuine readers and also as you came to here to understand new information or a process which is related to the issues of what to do when your wireless mouse freezes or onn wireless mouse. As all of you are using the wireless mouse in this hectic life. As you know that wireless mouse eases the life of everyone and also wireless mouse and wireless keyboard help the user to not to face the display from its end. As the computer or laptop display directly reflects on our eyes and as a result, they damage our retina and our eyesight become so weak day by day.

So, in this problem wireless mouse become of the most useful device which helps the users to access their laptop or keyboard from a distance so that the display rays doesn’t affect their eyes directly.

Some of the users who use the wireless mouse say that their wireless mouse freezes sometimes when they use the mouse for work. At that time they don’t have any idea that what to do when wireless mouse freezes. So, in this case, you don’t need to worry about anymore because here in this article we will present you some of the easy and simple methods which will be helpful for you and also which will help you to solve this issue. What you simply need to do is, read this whole article and read all the steps. All these steps will be helpful for you to solve this problem.

When Your Wireless Mouse Stops Working? Fixing Method

It is really a big problem and also it frustrates us when we are working on your computer and your wireless mouse freezes. The application which you are using is running really great and also your keyboard shortcuts also working very well but the issue which takes place is with your wireless mouse cursor. You also try to put your USB receiver into the other available port but the problem doesn’t get solved.

Now, in this case, there are multiples of reasons due to which your wireless mouse may have stopped working.

It may that your mouse battery gets discharges or it may be also that you place something between your mouse and your transceiver due to which the mouse and receiver connection doesn’t establish properly and gets lost. On their other device which is wireless, which is also on the same frequency range and also which is interfacing with the wireless signals of your mouse.

If you are using the wireless mouse and your wireless mouse is not working properly then it may be because of the above-given issues and for these issues, we are sharing some of the steps which you need to follow by which you are able to fix the problem and get rid of the issue of wireless mouse freezes and also you will get a complete idea about what to do when your wireless mouse freezes.

Also, on the other side, if you are completely confident that your wireless mouse is not working properly due to the above-mentioned issues then below are the steps which you can simply follow to fix the wireless mouse stops working problem.

If you are sure that your wireless mouse is not freezing because of the bad USB ports or old drivers then you need to simply try these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to take out the batter of your wireless mouse and then simply wait for a second and then simply re-insert the battery in the mouse.
  • If the mouse cursor is still not working then you need to type “MSC” in the run box of your window which helps you to open the device manager. If the mouse is not working then you can simply press Win+R which help you to access the Run box.

After doing all these steps, you need to expand the “Mice and other pointing devices” section and then simply highlight the listing. When you do all these then you are required to select the “Uninstall” option. By completing this step, you need to select an action à Scan for Hardware Changes and by doing this, your wireless mouse start working again.

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