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The biggest fear of a blogger comes true when there is a clear sign of least or no traffic on the written blogs and readers are drawn to other blogs and write-up material on the internet but your content despite having the potential to make it bigger in the market is losing its charm…

It is nothing less than a nightmare when a blog turns out to be under or not performing at all, despite a huge number of efforts and time is spent on it.

Why Does It Happen????

It does happen majorly due to the big number of MUSTs which are avoided while planning for the blog writing. Every fraction of content can help the brand to go to higher extreme success, but only if it is done in the right way.

It would not be wrong to say that content has the power to change the user-behavior and choice, but there are some of the most picked essentials which you need to integrate into your blog writing strategy if you want it to make it go bigger for your business.

Here are some of the essential killer tactics I am going to mention in this post to help your blog to bring more traffic…please read ahead…

Don’t Upload Only Once

Once in a blue moon option posting for your blog doesn’t work at all. Your blog might be unique and would have the best writing structure, but how it would gain the visibility? How would users get to know that your content is there?

You cannot deny the fact that competition exists in every field, and blogging market is no different and in order to make it work you need to make your writing’s presence every now and then, and there needs to be the regular consistency of your blog posting.

Keep a clear loop of blog posting and make it regular and try to address the researched outlook of your users’ choice and make sure that you are posting the blogs as per the different time-slot of different time-zones.

Get Influencers Write For You

It is really good to have good influencers around you who can write about you. Try to reach out to every blogger in the market, who has the maximum social followings and make them contribute. By doing this you allow the unique content to be written for your blog.

By integrating this strategy, you let a prestigious blogger write about you and they share their chain followers with you. On the other hand, even if you have to pay some amount to them, but it would help in the long run.

Although you need to pick the right blogger from the pool of bloggers, and then check the number of followers he/she has and accordingly you need to select the blogger.

SEO Magic

It is great that you have got good content writing skills, and you know what your users want and you are doing enough number of research to make your content better and better every day.

But what you fail to integrate here is the magic of SEO…

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is largely affected by the number of keywords integrated into your blog.

When SEO is integrated with the right set of keywords, then your content gets noticed by the targeted audience more often and more frequently.

There is an SEO keyword planner from Google, which helps you create the right content for your business and get the attention of your users.

Keep Variation In Your Writing

Your readers love to enjoy the variation in the content, if you will keep on feeding them with the same content structure daily then your users or readers will get tired off, and they would start getting closer to your competitors.

In order to make it work for your users and that they would stay connected to your work is by offering a series of variation in your content.

This variation can easily be considered by following some unique strategies, like:

  •     a podcast: record yourself reading your post aloud and upload to iTunes
  •     a screencast: record yourself doing something on-screen, add a voiceover and upload to YouTube
  •     a slide presentation: create a slideshow out of your post and upload to SlideShare
  •     an ebook: turn a series of posts into an ebook, which is available to download as a PDF for a tweet

By allowing these strategies in your blogging, you tend to get impeccable traffic on your blog and which would multiply in coming time.

On the other hand if you want your blog to extend in the popularity then picking a mobile app for your blog, would be the best option, but you need to pick a right mobile app development company for your mobile app, else your mobile app dream would get shatter before it could start the stairs of success meter.

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