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Seriously or are you kidding me? I don’t think something wrong can happen with a mobile app platform with the SEO strategies?

I think it’s a quite common way each of us think and when it comes to SEO practices, since we are fed with the enough wrong perceptions that suggest that SEO actually saves your app to be doomed and can help it to rank on the Google’s first page, but hey you need to WAIT and realize that not all SEO strategies are worthy for your mobile app and it can actually KILL every possible chance of making your app successful.

OMG!!! It’s scary…

Yes, it is scary and threatening as well, and you need to understand that your mobile app can be in danger if you don’t follow the right strategies in your SEO plan for your mobile app.


OOPS, I forgot to take a note of this need …SORRYYYYYY

Don’t worry, I am here to guide you through every possible mean of making SEO a successful plan for your mobile app and help it to succeed.

So stay tuned and read my post without any delay and help your mobile app…

Stuffing Content With Keyword

I know keywords are worthy for your mobile app development, and to gain that recognition, but that does not mean or suggest that you would stuff your content with every possible keyword since it is one of the wildly practiced bad SEO practice.

Firstly it creates a monotonous effect on the readers, and they find your content yawning-worthy so don’t let this happen, and secondly, you make the Papa search engine angry enough to, since you try to ditch their algorithm.

So stay away from the keyword insertion excessively, it should not be more than 2-3 times within a content and crossing above might sound good in exceptional cases where the content size is way too big, but in average content, make 2-3 times only as an ideal number.

Don’t Let Plagiarism Woo You

Yess, plagiarizing the content sounds so convincing and easy since we are just taking the influence from the existing content….GIMME A BREAK….

This is not the right way Peeps, the reason is simple that Google has already crawled the existing content, so if you would re-write your content or copy the content then you land yourself in the battle, where Search Engine would not penalize but also would stop recognizing your page.

So don’t go with the EASY way, invest in professional content writing services, and help your app.

Backlinks Shopping

Once you are into business, then your app or the web would develop the Backlinks automatically, by getting associated with the different businesses/ sharing info on social media channels or any other ways through your business comes in touch with other businesses, such steps create the Backlinks, which are good for the SEO purpose.

But for a surprise, there are companies which boast off selling the effective Backlinks, but you would be shocked to know these are just the marketing gimmicks and you must not fall for it. I would suggest going with the proven route of creating the backlinks by connecting your business with the prominent resources which you can build with the help of your content.

This would be more worthy and helpful in the long term.

Taking User Experience For Granted

Don’t forget your ultimate winning plan would only start and would end with your users only. So in order to be a pleaser to your search engine, don’t forget to create every content or the strategy considering your users in mind.

Harsh but true; your app ranking would be drawn from real-time users, not the machines.

So keep a strong check on your users’ requirements and deliver your services accordingly.

These SEO mistakes can collapse your mobile app fully, so you need to pick a right mobile app company, which has an experienced team of designers, developers and the app marketing strategists, who together would help your app to turn into an unmatchable success piece.

So now I bid adieu to you all and would return with more exciting facts to make your dream app concept fly high in the success sky.

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