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Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

2020 is fully set to introduce business for Web 3.0 as well as Web 4.0. Now all the devices are going to connect with the real and virtual world in real time.

Entrepreneurs are going to be witness to web 4.0 aka the smart web. Through which SEO will take no much time and easy to handle. Now defamation or bullying to any brand will not be so easy task. Influencers, politicians, and individuals are going to lose their power over the social network. In this digital era, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the technology emerging and changing digital marketing trends every day.

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

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There have been seen many improvements in digital marketing processes since some of the digital marketing advertising tools have introduced Blockchain Technology.

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Future of AI in Digital Marketing

We are going to provide some insights where you will know that in what manner Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will shape up Digital Marketing in the near future.
Natural User Engagement: We are aware of natural engagement plays a vital role while ranking in Google. If your page is not creating a user engagement any matters whether all the SEO factors are right or wrong, you will face a hurdle to rank in Google Index.
Link Build: As you are going to modify your template so often, keyword ranking will affect. The keyword result will fluctuate while entering on a search It completely depends on a key phrase or keyword and its’ competitiveness.
Social Platforms: Those who have already used the Machine learning and A.I. in the program This will help their websites to rank higher while searching in the search engine. Those businesses who are numero uno in social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Pinterest, YouTube, and others, will avail better search engine ranking.
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Social Advertisements: In the coming future, many companies are going to invest in social advertisement. Many more companies will use social platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more for selling products as well as services. The paid social advertisement will take place. Twitter costs $ 200K per day. These services will be more often used by governments, automotive brands, Politicians, film and entertainment industry, and many more. Many businesses such as computer games from different countries will invest in Twitter trend. These countries include Germany, France, India, Canada, USA, and Australia.

Blockchain and A.I. investment: Government will invest in Blockchain and A.I. and this will help to shape up the market in North America, Europe. France claimed to have an expenditure of $ 15 billion in development and Germany are up to invest over $ 13 billion dollars. China and Russia have overpowered, Defence aka DOD in the race of A.I. MIT has an investment of $ 1 billion and the UK is going to invest 4.7 euro billion on robotics and A.I. Investments are going to help the tech companies to have and invest in marketing which results in A.I. tools to empower the digital marketing sector.
Content marketing: Google measures website and user’s data. This regulates the performance of the user. Now Google will start to give more importance to those websites which are having more readers engaging contents. How many times a user is going to spend on that page? What is the click-through rates? What is the page speed? How many are the return visits? Is it mobile friendly? What is the performance of the inner page?
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Along with these, if your website has genuine research content, your website will definitely go up in Google index.

Video marketing: YouTube and Twitter are going to increase the search engine ranks and sales. Podcast and video exhibition or curation will mostly in use on social media such as Instagram.
Drip Feed: It is going to have an important role in keyword ranking this year. If you use longer drip Feed, your page will get better ranking in google search engine. But be careful never completely depends on a drip If any time you stop using drip feed, you will drop your ranking in Google index.

Social Share: Engagement, as well as social sharing, will help to increase the Google ranking as well as other search engine ranking.
Keyword Rank: Due to Google machine learning and A.I algorithms, it will be quite difficult to rank keyword. As we know Google always changes its’ algorithm and it affects keyword performance in local as well as global search.

AI Tools for SEO: Since Google search engine and its incognito mode are having surveillance over private data, your IP, search activity, and private data. You are not able to find accurate placing of the keyword on the global and local search system. Since Google is going to register ISP, either cross or dynamic IP is not able to show the accurate result. That makes A.I SEO Tools to sell more. This tool will give keyword placing as well as ranking statistics. Know more about the Best SEO Tools 2019 by clicking the link.
Search marketing: Paid promotion will play a vital role in 2019 for your website exposure.
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Influencer marketing: Many companies are using influencer marketing to maximize the exposure of their brands all around the world. Influencers’ collaboration will drive huge traffic on websites.
Integrating images and videos: High quality of images, as well as videos added to the articles, can boost the CTR and conversion rate.

Negative SEO: Black Hat SEO and Spam will work in 2020. It is possible to rank the spam website on Google.
Content Curation and marketing: If your website domain authority is good, the paid method will drive traffic on your website if not Google is going to penalize the website.

Google PPC: Generally, Google Ads or PPC won’t generate the Sales at low budget due to the new algorithm of Google ads. As you earmarked less than $5000/ month, you will not be witnessed of good sales. It doesn’t matter how you have managed your PPC ads.
E-commerce business: In North America and Europe many e-commerce websites are going to be created. These trends show that many people are going to start their own business.
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A. I Marketing Platform: is the world’s only and first A.I marketing platform.  It is an autonomous machine which needs not much human interference. It is able to execute throughout the paid channels.

There will be a huge Impact of Artifical Intelligence on Digital Marketing. With the advancement in technologies of Mobile and applications, online shopping has become a piece of cake among users. More people indulge in purchasing services and products online. Many street businesses converted into online business.

Small business, as well as start-ups, must invest in their business for digital advertising and online marketing this year. The professionals who are working on blockchain projects and assignments will design such tools which will help to develop content marketing.

 Although the blockchain network will take much time to show result and lead us to stay ready for the evolution of Web 4.0. As soon as web 4.0 will come into existence social network and Google will lose their control and user will be the new king.

Now there will no censorship on twitter and no private data leak from Facebook to governments. Fake reviews, defamation on Reddit will be cut down. These all will be benefits of using machine learning and A.I development in Google Algorithm. Google Dysfunctionalities, data breaches, social network censorship, and data monopolization will get us ready till 2020 for web 4.0.

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