We has created a healthcare real-time mobile app for monitoring patient's vitals. Its main features are: The functionality of both an online consulting app and a care coordination product Real-time chat, video, audio calls and file sharing Inegration with such medical devices as weight scales, blood pressure monitor, findger pulse oximeter, continious teperature monitoring Vitals live streaming between the patient and the doctor Real-time video, audio calls and chat, Secured files exchange using WebRTC technology.

Doctor App Features:
  • Online appointments and In-app reminders.
  • Map for finding doctors in your location.
  • Patient powered search where patients can search for one word to be connected to the right provider.
  • A feature which can show the company growth.
  • Modules to log a query by customer and solve by the agents.
  • Maintain long time relationship with clients with worthy products.

that the market of the healthcare industry is crowded. But there is always a room for improvement. A lot of healthcare apps (especially doctor booking apps) available on the market are still in need of better user experience.

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