Days are gone when hiring a taxi was a hectic process. People had to yell or hail taxi after waiting for a long time in the spot. Adding sophistication to the process of booking taxi, the web based solutions were introduced. This allowed users to make a call and still wait till the car arrives. The company has to trace the nearest taxi by calling the drivers in order to allot the taxi to the particular passenger. In most of the cases, the passenger has to make advance booking before half-an-hour which is tedious waiting time for the passenger. The latest and trendy way of taxi booking is via smartphone. The passenger has to simply make a call or send an SMS to the taxi company. Thus the passenger gets visible to the company via GPS facility. The booking is confirmed immediately via SMS. The nearest cab is located and allotted to the passenger while driver details are sent to him. Passenger’s pickup and drop location is registered to take the best route possible while the fee is automatically calculated. .

Taxi Apps Features:
  • Book taxi from anywhere.
  • Choose type of cab like A/c, non A/c, Wheelchair accessibility etc.
  • Statistical information on fingertips.
  • Locate taxi on map.
  • GPS based location of pickup and drop places.
  • Calculate distance and fare automatically.

Investment on Taxi cab mobile apps can be very beneficial since it may provide you good return on investment within few months. It provides the flexibility to book from anywhere without any dependency on place or time. Hence taxi booking mobile apps are the best convincing apps which are preferred by both company and passengers.

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