Acquiro PrimeSec360™ a solution for complete management and visibility of Dealer and Channel sales, starting from organization selling goods to Stockist, Stockist to Distributor, Distributor to Retailer with Sales Team Booking Orders on mobile at Retailer Point, Checking Stocks at Distributor Level, Marking his attendance based on Tour Plan, checking outstanding and payment collection from Distributor or stockist. It’s all Real-time pushing data and pulling data from centralised server.

Acquiro PrimeSec360™ We helps Top Management get Real-time information about field sales activities and a proper dashboard acting as BI for them to take critical decision

Acquiro PrimeSec360™ have following Features:
  • Complete Visibility of Demand and Supply in Real-Time.
  • Real-Time order booking visibility helps in production and procurement at H.O.
  • Stock Visibility gives idea on dumped stocks and moving them to Demanded location.
  • Easy and Simple way to book stocks and check available to promise stock.
  • Help better planning of Schemes and incentives.
  • Faster communication through Notification and emails.

Applications developed by Acquiro address all the above mentioned concerns with sophisticated products, attractive UI, Impressive features. By Using this Solution one can save time and team can focus more on Business Expansion.

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