Today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the most demanding activity for every organization either it is Big or Small in size. As our technology savvy customer expect faster response from sales team and that can only be possible, if an organization is equipped with sales automation system like CRM. Which can captures the details of the complete Customer buying journey from the lead capturing to the lead qualification moving to opportunity with Negotiations and order closure. Most CRM capture these data about Customer Management and stops there. But actually today’s business requires much more than this. So:

What are the best Customer relationship Management (CRM) features, which we provides?
  • Lead Nurturing capability to make cold Leads into purchase Ready.
  • After sales customer support.
  • Cross selling and upselling on customer data.
  • Invoice Generation with Online Payment.
  • Modules Project tracking and doc Sharing.
  • Maintain long time relationship with clients with worthy products.
How Customer relationship Management (CRM) works?
  • Acquiro CRM solution provide single source of truth about Staff and Customer, project and deliverables.
  • Complete tracking from a point from a lead to prospect to customer entered in CRM to billing.
  • Customer is help with after sales support and help desk and AMC Contract.
  • Project Tracking and mangement with files exchanged with milestones and payment .
  • Modules to log a query by customer and solve by the agents.
  • Maintain long time relationship with clients with worthy products.

The more you know and understand your customer, More happy and satisfied they would be with your Product and services. So, you generate more revenue from them by build stronger bond with them. Its a win-win situation for Both, using Acquiro CRM solution which user friendly, great UI/UX and advanced features. Email Us For DEMO Login

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