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7 Reasons to Build a Food Ordering App for your Restaurant

Great that you are in one amongst those successful businesses that never ages with time. Yes, the restaurant business that is all time on the upside of the clock. People need tasty healthy food all time a day and food is relevant to people every day, what better way than having a restaurant business. For all those in the restaurant business and for those who are planning to set up a restaurant, read this article further to know how a food ordering app can bring you success in this business.

Time to brainstorm 
Crowd of restaurants exists in every vicinity be it at your work location or the locality you reside. With so many restaurants, customers are bound to be spoilt for choices. In this case, have you thought enough how will you differentiate your restaurant from the competition of other restaurants?

When people prefer getting food delivered at their location over walking in to a restaurant, how are you going to reach out to people to help them place order? You may offer variety of cuisine and best deals, but how your customers know what you got to offer them that no other restaurants are best at it? The answer is the ‘food ordering app’ for your restaurant. Yes, the app that can-do wanders for restaurant business and bring you more success than you have imagined. Let’s have a glance at the top 7 reasons to build a food ordering app for your restaurant.

1) Customer reachability
In this internet era, customers are hitched to their phones and most are internet savvy. With a food ordering app, it becomes lot easier for you to reach out to your customers and let them know the dishes you got to serve them. In latest trends of 2018, 205.4 billion people on an average download and use apps on daily basis to simplify their lives.

Use the food ordering app to showcase tasty food menu, cuisine varieties you serve and get your customers drooled on food. Post combo offers, prices, and best deals on the app that your customers just can’t resist. All these deals are accessible to customers with just few clicks on the app by which you are actively indulging customers to order food from your restaurant. 

2) Seize today’s trend

Ordering food online via app is the trend today. Customers love shopping clothing, grocery, accessories, and all their daily needs online. Food being the most consumed item and utmost 3 times a day, don’t you think customers would love to place food orders as well online? What better way to do than placing a food order by using a food ordering app of your restaurant? On an average, 60-85% of customers prefer apps over website, and you got to catch up on these customers using apps to get profits at your restaurant business.

Ordering food online saves customer’s time by avoiding driving to the restaurant location and may be sometimes even wait for a seating at the restaurant. People today like the food be delivered at their doorstep over spending time to get their food themselves on their busy schedules. Customers also know that best deals are provided by using apps compared to walk-in to a restaurant and choose to save money and time by using the restaurant food ordering app. 

3) Hassle free payments and best deals

With more wallet options like Paytm, Amazon Pay tied up with food ordering apps and provide cashback, discount options, customers choose to pay online for the food orders. This is hassle free compared to paying via cash. You get the payment for the food orders before the time you deliver food to your customers and you also get paid for the packaging costs. You are saving up on cutlery charges as well that will add up to your business profit in the long-run. 

4) Cost saving

With the app, you earn more customer orders than usual business. There are lots of restaurants out there that serves food only online and they do not have a dine-in option. You save up cost for dine-in space, services at the restaurant, and labor cost. You can in turn use up this time to deliver more online food orders. Provide takeaway option to customers by using the app. At times, customers do prefer to collect the food from your restaurant. It is a win-win for both where customers need not look upon on delivery agent and you in turn save cost on delivery services as well. 

5) Live tracking of food delivery

With just few clicks, customers can track the food delivery time by using the app. It becomes easier for customers to trust your restaurant value services and know the time when the food would reach their door-step without having to worry about waiting time. 

6) Flexibility with the app

While you serve multiple cuisines and variety of dishes, use the app to send out these notifications to customers at any point in the day. Accordingly, make use of the timing, weather conditions, festival seasons, weekends, and much more options to be relevant to the customer’s choices and send notifications. 

You can get your customer dribble over the amazing dishes you serve and get them hitched to place an order. Aha! You get food orders by sending out eye catchy pictures of the dishes you serve at your restaurant, deals you offer. What better way to get profit?

7) Restaurant visibility

Customers check restaurant ratings, menu, reviews, food, and ambience photos over the app much before they place order. This not only gives your customer a confidence to place order but also to be a regular customer for your restaurant noticing that you have great ratings. An app can provision these insights to customers with easy clicks on their phone that would otherwise be a hindrance for your restaurant to get that level of visibility of your restaurant.

With restaurant service being good and with dine-in options, chances are high that customers prefer your restaurant for dine-in too. You see, with an app now you are not only getting customers to order food online but also making great profit with in-house restaurant services.


You know now how a food ordering app can bring in lot of food orders, save time, build customer relationships, double your business, and all of it with the help of an app. Get a food ordering app for your restaurant right away and start to win the restaurant business. Contact us to develop app for your restaurant

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