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These Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends will Conquer the Year 2020

We all are experiencing technology advancements for a decade or so, which is growing at a rapid rate. What we thought would never exist are part of our lives and are impacting our day to day life at a large. Technology is evolving day-by-day which is positively impacting the mobile app development industry. You can imagine the future business opportunities for the mobile app development company with billions of users all over the world. The number of applications present in different app stores of 3 different platforms (Android, iOS & Windows) is mentioned below:

No. of apps in Google Play Store as of Q3 2019 – 2.47m

No. of apps in Apple App Store as of Q3 2019 – 1.8m

No. of apps in Windows Store as of Q3 2019 – 669,000

It is expected that by 2021 the total number of app downloads would reach 353 billion, this shows the demand for mobile apps. Whereas, the revenue of the mobile app market is likely to shoot up to $131 billion. Mobile app development services and its advancement has been the talk of the IT industry.

These are the top 5 mobile trends likely to leave its mark in the upcoming year

1- 5G will be the talk of the town

As a person related to the technical field, I’m pretty curious about the launch of 5G. The launch of 5G will have a greater business prospect. It is expected that by the mid or 3rd quarter of 2020, 5G will start vastly ruling the market. However, there are different countries where the initiation has already been started. Before its launch, different speculations have surfaced over the internet. According to the estimation, 5G will be 100 times faster than the 4G along with improvement in the security of data, Augmented reality as well as 3D gaming.

2- Beacon Technology to Dominate

You might be wondering what the heck is Beacon? Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. Suppose, you own a clothing store/footwear store, and millions of people have your apps on their phones. When they are wandering around your physical store, you can notify them.


This is possible with beacon technology. As I mentioned earlier about the beacon (the wireless transmitter which is used to send signals). The retail sector will be benefitted at large when this technology gets integrated with the IoT (Internet of Things). This technology is surely going to aid proximity marketing for businesses under different industries.

3- More and More of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We all are aware of how popular AI has been for a decade or so. It has been in the center of attention because of its significant breakthrough in the new technology in the mobile application development industry. The integration of AI with mobile apps has not only made them smarter but it saves a lot of time and effort as well. The Duplex and AI program introduced by Google is the best example to demonstrate the impact of AI on our day to day life. Duplex can make calls on behalf of humans to fix an appointment with a local business nearby.

Different industries operating in marketing are bound with AI in a somewhat manner. This technology has impacted finance & accounting, the healthcare sector, customer service and many many more business niches by time. As per the report put forward by International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market will experience growth in revenue of more than $47 billion by the next year.

4- Domination of IoT in Mobile Apps 

Applicability of IoT devices in different sectors has made it a popular choice among different businesses to automate the whole processing around the workplace. IoT is an emerging technology but very fast growing indeed. The integration of IoT technologies in mobile development services has open many more business opportunities for mobile app development companies as well. Whereas, it is important for businesses as well because the use of IoT technology in mobile devices is likely to reduce human effort and easing the day to day business operations.

This technology allows businesses to understand their customers which leads to taking proper business decisions. This allows increasing business effectiveness and value in the market. You can imagine the future of IoT by the fact that the IoT devices will rise to 20 billion in numbers by the next year. Below I’ve mentioned some popular platforms app developers need to pick for getting going with IoT in mobile apps.

Android Ubidots?:



5- Abundant use of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) 

AMP is a project started by Google in collaboration with Twitter. In short, AMP is a sliced version of HTML which helps mobile pages to accelerate their loading speed. This enables developers to create a bulky website with more features while loading speed is much faster than usual speed, lower bounce rate and very high performance across all devices.

With a good AMP score, you are likely to acquire a better conversion rate, decreased bounce rate, maximum user retention rate which will ultimately boost the overall user experience.

Concluding, we can say that certain technologies are in trend which is going to have a big hand behind revolutionizing the mobile app industry in 2020. The one who walks with the market trend rules the market. If you are one of them thinking to rule the market by placing your brand on a digital platform in the form of a mobile application, you can hire mobile app developers from Acquiro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. Being a pioneer mobile app development company, we are committed to delivering the best and engaging mobile app development service.

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