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Top Reasons Business Should Invest in On-Demand Delivery App

On-demand delivery apps are placed at the intersection of mobility and need for speed. That’s what bolsters the phenomenal growth of this sector. When the internet became commercialized and people saw what they could accomplish at the click of a button, they became unstoppable. With video, music and books becoming available instantly, anytime, anywhere, the thirst expanded to actual physical products. Today, we want our food to come to us in minutes, with minimal effort. We want to push a button and make a taxi appear. We don’t have time to go to salons, so we make the salon come to us. Pest control, plumbing, AC repair, you name it. We no longer wander aimlessly looking for a service provider, hire random unknown strangers or rely on a recommendation from a friend of a friend. We go online, search, read reviews, compare and then call the professional home. That’s the magic of on-demand delivery apps.

According to Burson-Marsteller’s on-demand economy survey, 86.5 Million Americans, which is 42% of their adult population, have used an on-demand service. 45 Million Americans in turn, have offered on-demand services. Now more interestingly, 51% of those who offered services in on-demand economy report that their financial situation has improved.

Clearly, on-demand delivery is very much in demand. If you can meet user expectations better by providing quick and quality services, you have a very ready market right now. So let us analyze the major reasons why you should invest in an on-demand delivery app right now.

1. Investors Are Absolutely Captivated By On-Demand

The undisputed leaders of on-demand delivery, Uber and Airbnb, have opened the floodgates of venture capital funding into the on-demand delivery apps segment. Investors who missed the boat the first time want to make up for lost opportunity by investing into any startup that shows good business caliber. So if you have a solid business plan, and can show your commitment to action, finding and investor for your on-demand delivery app will be a winning battle.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Uber or Airbnb

Here’s the point I like to stress on. You don’t have to be as ginormous as Uber or Airbnb to break even in the on-demand delivery app niche. Even though on the graphs, it may look like the boom has passed and no one apart from these few giants is truly succeeding, those graphs aren’t the complete picture.

Sure is true that only the major companies like Uber, Airbnb and a few others like Lyft, Ola and Instacart have drawn over 75% share of funding. But for a small to medium business, which is probably your targeted segment, there is still plenty of investor interest in large. It is notable here that the number of investors has increased significantly over the years and small to medium segment has many more investors in many different countries today.

One crucial factor in the on-demand delivery market is that it is a highly geo-targeted market. You don’t have to be an international brand like Uber. You have to be able to provide a fantastic service in your area. You can begin with as much as your city first, and then expand to a full state or country later.

3. Endless Possibilities across All Walks Of Life

The most rewarding aspect of starting an on-demand delivery app is just how flexible, innovative and boundless this business is. It began with taxi and hotel rooms and today has expanded to food delivery, healthcare, home services, tutors, baby caregiver, pet-sitting, beauty and spa, automotive repairs, even pathology. You could call a registered practitioner to collect your blood-sample, take it back to the lab and mail you the test results.

There really is no limit to how innovative you can get with on-demand delivery apps. Taking cues from daily life challenges you or your friends face, you could create an app to invent a whole new solution and target a whole new market. You could bring coffee to people stuck in traffic. You could send last minute birthday gifts when your customers forget. Much like Mumbai’s famed dabbawallas, you could deliver home-cooked meals to people working away from home. You could create a furniture exchange platform where users can try each other’s furniture for limited time. There’s no end to options.

4. The Demand Is High

With every new solution, the people’s desire for more only grows. When same day delivery became a reality, customers already started expecting same-hour delivery. When booking a doctor appointment became possible online, customers expected the doctor to come home. In an increasingly busy and fast-paced life, the craving for convenience is bottomless. As long as you promise, and deliver, a great service, there’s a market for your on-demand delivery app. Check out this enchanting article by Harvard Business Review, that talks about how the on-demand economy is soaring and not just for the millennials but every other age group out there.

5. There Is an Invested Human Resource

The working class’ desire to make more money means that more and more people are looking for side hustles. A huge population of youngsters is actively willing to work part-time in on-demand delivery services. These youngsters come with a penchant for hard work and hope to make it big by taking small steps. With such a committed workforce, on-demand delivery apps can easily begin their operations without hassling about recruitments and talent scouting.


So, as you can see, the market is still ripe for a new on-demand delivery app. If you can combine innovation with execution, there is a massive population waiting for the next convenient solution to their daily life challenges. On-demand delivery apps are one of the best examples of a symbiotic relationship between the app makers, its employees and its customers. Growth prospects look unflinchingly bright and hence, on-demand delivery apps might be your big ticket into the booming economy. An idea brewing in your head already? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

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