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Survey software is an application used to collect feedback from a targeted sample through a computer-assisted method, which comes in different ways. At its core survey software solutions help you design, send and analyze surveys, usually via the internet and using drag-and-drop tools and automated functionality. Survey software solutions make the entire process faster, more accurate and easier to accomplish than manual surveys.

Perfect Survey application Features:
  • Survey builder. Typical survey builders use a drag-and-drop interface and tools for, among others, layout and design, versioning, question morphing and preview. The builder creates the front-end look and function of the survey, but it relies on another feature, conditions, to set how the survey behaves. For conditions, you have two perspectives: questions and answers..
  • Question conditions. Designing a survey requires conditions for both questions and answers. Question conditions may include tools to format style, randomize questions or generate x/y choices. A solution may also feature a timer and allow images and videos for interactive questionnaires. A question library may also be available that lets you archive reusable questions..
  • Answer conditions. On the answer side, survey software solutions may offer piping or looping dynamics, option to show/hide questions or randomize choices..
  • Scoring. Whatever answer-question conditions are used, survey software has a scoring algorithm set either as default or based on rules.
  • Survey templates. Most solutions provide templates to help kickstart your survey. Templates often accommodate standard questionnaires like leading questions, dichotomous questions, bipolar questions and rating scale types. Polls and forms are also common templates, while some solutions also offer mobile themes.
  • Data analysis. This feature varies in sophistication between low-cost and premium plans. Standard analytics show basic summaries, while more advanced solutions may perform cross-tabulation, filtering, weighting and other multivariate statistical methods.

Multilingual support. You’ll find solutions that host different languages, which is useful for conducting surveys in different global market territories. The feature may include a spell-checker for each language and an auto-detect or opt-in tool that set the questionnaire to the default language of the respondent.

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