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What is HR Digital Transformation

Technology has disrupted just about every industry. In the 21st century, people shop online, make reservations through apps, and even check in with their doctors in a few clicks. We’ve come to expect digital options for completing everyday tasks––no matter how big or small.

These rapid changes are even extending into the workplace. Today, we apply to jobs online, go through digital interview processes, and even work remotely. As an HR leader, it’s crucial to recognize the ways technology has become an inextricable part of today’s workforce.

A digital HR transformation is underway. In order to ensure your team and organization is properly prepared for the changes that go along with rapid technological advancements, there are a few keys to success you’ll want to follow.

What is a digital HR transformation?

Digital transformation is a bit of a buzzword being thrown around at the moment. However, it’s an accurate way to describe the growing pains many organizations are experiencing thanks to the latest tech.

A digital transformation is commonly defined as the process of integrating digital technology into a business. For the HR world, this means incorporating digital technology to improve how the department (and the organization as a whole) functions. This digital technology includes cloud-based HRIS, digital recruitment solutions, internal communication platforms, workforce engagement software, and much more.

When integrating these digital technologies, HR professionals need to consider how new apps, tools, and programs will transform the workforce and how work is performed and completed. HR teams that are able to look beyond just their own departments and operations will have a leg up on their competition.

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