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Why you need the best acquiroWMS Warehouse Management System?
Saturday, 30 May 2020 00:00 am
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Acquiro | Blog

Why you need the best acquiroWMS Warehouse Management System?

· Accurate and real-time inventory management

· Order fill rate with accuracy and on-time shipments

· Effective tracking of lot/batch number information

· Inventory visibility and accuracy

· Applying feasible order picking strategies in the warehouse

· Issues on labelling, and pre-packing processes

· Issues on shopping cart integration

· Traceability along the supply chain

There are many advantages to using acquiroWMS, including:

1. Productivity: acquiroWMS not only keeps track of where your inventory is within a warehouse but also optimizes the product journey from shelf to the doorstep. For example, consider warehouse pickers. They often walk many miles a day within a warehouse picking items to fulfil orders. acquiroWMS uses wave/batch picking algorithms to cut down the walking distance. This means less walking for them and a faster packing and shipping rate for you.

2. Cutting Expenses: Running a business is expensive, but it’s even more costly when you have to constantly update your product tracking technology or call every time a product does not arrive on time. Cloud-based acquiroWMS systems are a great way to cut costs because there is no need to constantly update your tech, and you can track your inventory in real-time. The system also manages to receive orders and returns, so that businesses can prevent stock overflow or out of stock situations.

3. Real-Time Awareness: With acquiroWMS, you are in control because you can check your inventory at all times. You can see when a stock is too low or high, and even check the selling or returning frequency of a specific item. By having your warehouse data and knowledge at your fingertips, making a sale is no longer a guessing game.

Tracking Capabilities of acquiroWMS:

· Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

o May include relevant information about a product, such as weight, dimensions, case pack, automatic ID labels, barcodes, inventory by location, lot code, and more

· Warehouse Storage Locations:

o Individual location number, picking sequence, type of use (picking, reserve storage), type of storage (each, case, pallet), location size, storage restriction, and more

· Dock doors

· Expected labour productivity rates by function or activity

Daily Management Functions of acquiroWMS

In addition to tracking warehouse data, acquiroWMS is also helpful for daily warehouse operations management:

· Planning - finalizing the daily plan for receiving dock activity, selecting workload or orders to be processed, calculating labour or vehicle estimates, notify carriers of loads

· Organizing - sequencing the orders to be picked

· Staffing - assign staff to work functions and areas

· Directing - ensuring documented processes are configured in the acquiroWMS

· Controlling - providing milestones for management to monitor daily progress and to report data for performance analysis