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Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020
Thursday, 12 Mar 2020 00:00 am
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The recent shift from surfing the internet on the desktop and laptop computers to smartphones has put mobile app development on the rise, and developers are tasked with the duty of creating apps for businesses, companies, and organizations.

An international digital report states that there are more than 5 billion smartphone users worldwide. The report has proved sceptics that predicted that mobile app development would be short-lived wrong. Mobile app development is a trend that has come to stay.

As the number of smartphone users continues to rise, the need for a wide range of mobile apps has also increased, and more demands are placed on the mobile app development company in India to meet up with the trend. With an extensive collection of mobile apps in circulation such as messaging apps, apps for booking hotels, cabs, and apps for ordering food or shopping, people’s lives are becoming easier daily, and huge revenues are being generated. Statista reported that mobile apps would be producing an income of about USD 188.9 billion by 2020.

The year 2019 was a busy year for the mobile apps market with significant developments and rise is the demand for mobile apps. However, it is apposite to inquire about the likely mobile application development trends in 2020.

Learn New Trending App Features In 2019

Here are the mobile application development trends to look out for in 2019, and hopefully, we will see react native app development in India and hybrid app development in India as well because the mobile app development company in India is fully ready to meet clients’ expectations globally.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The growth of IoT has been tremendous recently, and it has made the control of a wide variety of devices via the smartphones possible. Several smart devices now get connected through software and sensors- all within a network that facilitates the exchange of data and execute diverse predetermined functions. Businesses all over the world are expected to cash in on the power of interconnected devices made possible by the IoT space.

In 2020, the mobile app development will undoubtedly leverage the application of IoT to make way for high-performance mobile apps that will fast-track operations, minimize expenses, and boost cybersecurity.

2. Chatbots Application

The successful performance of Chatbots in delivering self-service and personalized responses to customers and users’ queries in real time is praiseworthy. Based on the advancements in AI, businesses and organizations now integrate chatbots into their react native app development in India and across the globe.

Mobile apps can become more functional with the integration of chatbots, and this has been successfully proven these past years. Besides, chatbots performance gets better based on each user’s interaction. Consequently, chatbot is a trend to expect in mobile application development in 2020.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI has remained a significant technology trend and will always be with several areas yet to be explored to benefit businesses, organizations, and individuals. Not long ago, the implementation of the AI has been coupled with the Machine Learning applications. This has been a great trial with amazing results in processing organizational data and providing the management with informative, valuable, and actionable insights.

In 2020, we expect the mobile app development company in India to combine the AI and Machine Learning for react native app development in India and hybrid app development in India. Smarter mobile apps will be made through the synergistic effects of the AI and Machine Learning.

4. Instant Apps

The primary purpose of developing any mobile application is user convenience. And Instant Apps achieve this goal effortlessly. After their introduction in 2016 by Google, Instant Apps are becoming more popular by the day.

For clarity sake, Instant Apps are native mobile applications that do not need to be downloaded and installed on a mobile device due to their small size. These apps offer the primary functionalities of a website without consuming a phone’s memory or encumbering its RAM. Examples of Instant Apps include Skyscanner, Red Bull TV, and New York Times Crossword. There will be more of Instant Apps in 2020.

5. Wearables

Wearables have appealed to many people who need to monitor different aspects of their health. With wearable devices for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, calories burnt, and much more, more wearable devices will hit the market and become an indispensable accessory for almost everyone.

As people are becoming more health-conscious and aware of their lifestyles, there will be more demands for these devices. And because these devices depend on apps to function, there will be a growing demand for mobile app development in this category in 2020.

6. Payment Gateways and Mobile Wallets

Customers look forward to convenient and safe payment methods from all the apps they use. With a shift in the shopping styles of customers all over the world, there has been a significant move from cash payments to a credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, and digital currencies.

Now that most commerce platforms have become mobile compliant, businesses, unavoidably, have to integrate payment gateways and include mobile wallets such as PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Pay, and others that have secure encryptions in 2019. Also, more mobile wallets are expected to join the trend, and it will not be a surprise to have Apple Pay come on board.

7. Cloud Integration

As cloud computing has become a reality for everyone, more businesses will take advantage of the development in 2020. They will be able to streamline their operations, reduce hosting expenses or costs, have enhanced storage, enjoy faster loading capacity, and retain more users or customers. It is expected that there will be a massive development of mobile apps over the cloud to meet the demands of businesses in the new year.

8. Predictive Analytics

The mobile app market will witness an upgrade of mobile apps from being mere utilities to becoming a significant part of users’ workflow in 2020. Google, Facebook, and Apple are putting AI to function in the predictive analytics aspect to provide users with enhanced experience on their UI/UX of their apps.

Hybrid app development in India and react native app development in India will experience this development in 2020.

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