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How to Protect Your Business with Life Insurance?
Friday, 28 Feb 2020 23:30 pm
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Life insurance has so many benefits that many people do not know about. Whenever you take life insurance, it is essential to understand that there are so many ways through which you can make your life better using the policy.

One of these things is by protecting your business. Here is how you can easily protect your business with life insurance.

Life Insurance and Business
There are so many uncertainties in life and including in business. When you are a business owner, you should understand that certain things can happen without your control that may lead to collapsing of the business.

In other cases, your business may be faced by severe market fluctuations that can easily affect your capital, among other things. As a result, a smart business owner will always need something that can deal with any emergencies affecting the business.

In case of the death of the owner, a business is equally affected by a considerable magnitude. As a result, the owner needs to plan himself in the right way. Life insurance is one of the best ways to do so. When you invest in life insurance as a business owner, you make sure that your business is covered in case of your death.

According to United Finances an insurance policy taken by a business owner can play a significant role in helping the business deal with the loss and challenges arising as a result of the death of the owner. At the same time, it can quickly help the family, workers and other people connecting to the business survive the blow.

Ways of Protecting a Business using Life Insurance
Cross-Purchase Agreement
It is a method that is used to protect a business where there are more than two owners. In such a case, all the partners are required to participate in the cross-purchase agreement. In the agreement, each partner purchases a life insurance policy on all the other partners. They are considered as policy beneficiaries.

Once this is done, then the business partners become parties of the agreement rather than the company. It is important to note that each partner will be paying premiums. In return, each partner will have a beneficiary designation that equals their percentage ownership in the company.

The advantage of such an agreement is that in case of the death of one partner, then there are enough benefits that can take care of any loss that might befall the company.

Buy/See Agreement
It is a type of life insurance contract to protect a business that is taken when two people own the company. In this case, the partners are supposed to take a buy/sell agreement in which the life insurance acts as a funding mechanism. The primary purpose is to make sure that in case of passing of one of the member-owner, there are no devastating effects on the company.

In such an agreement, each of the owners will also buy a life insurance policy on their partner. In any case that one of the company owners dies, then all the proceeds from the life insurance policy can be used to purchase the deceased share of the company. The proceeds can also be paid to the deceased’s survivors and in other cases used to take care of the living expenses.
As a result, it is an excellent method that can also be used to benefit on both sides.

Key Person Life Insurance
Key-Person life insurance is a policy that is taken may companies. The companies take an insurance policy on behalf of their key employee. It is an insurance policy taken to protect the company or business against losses that could happen in case a key employee in the company dies.

Whenever a vital employee of a company dies, that particular company ends up suffering in so many ways, including losing customers, revenue, and finding a difficult time to find a replacement for that key employee.

However, with life insurance on a key person in the company, in case of his death, the company can use the proceeds from his/her life insurance to take care of all the losses suffered. The proceeds are used to deal with the losses that the company will suffer as well as finding a suitable replacement.

However, in other cases, there can be an insurance policy that allows the company to change the insured. It is a situation where one person seizes to be a person of interest in a company. The company will be allowed to change the insured without suffering any loss on the existing insurance plan.

Such a case may arise in many ways. Most common ways are where the company has to fire a key person, a key person in the company resigns or shifts to another company.

Protecting your business using life insurance is a great and smart move. All you need to do is make sure that you consider several factors that are of importance before you make such a move. Some of the factors to consider they include the type of insurance to take, who to take the life insurance policy for, and how much will the policy cost. Many people have found a life insurance company as a way of protecting a business very beneficial in the future. Make sure that you consult your business partners, experts, and insurance companies to know what is best for your company.